June 6, 2009 Colorado Trout Hunters Colorado Lake Fly Fishing Trip Report

Date: June 6, 2009

Location: Private high mountain lake fly fishing trip Call 303-325-5515 for availability and bookings.

Number of Anglers: 1

Guide: Tad Howard

Weather: Foggy in AM; nicer through day with temps in the 50’s-60’s

River Condition: Water temps in the mid 40’s.  Good visibility

Every year ice-off offers exceptional fly fishing opportunities on Colorado still water fisheries.  As the ice comes off the lakes and the
water warms, the trout feed actively.  They have not seen flies for months and are more than willing to eat our handcrafted offerings.

Chris was in town from Hawaii and did a fantastic job with these energetic trout.  The morning started out cool and foggy but slowly
turned into a beautiful day.  The trout were active from the start and through the day Chris caught lots of brook trout, brown trout,
rainbows, and some very nice cutthroat trout. The fish responded to a variety of fly patterns, including dry flies and nymphs.

Sight fishing is always a fly fishing treat.  We were able to sight-fish to many trout, often watching the trout open its mouth to inhale the
fly we offered.  Although lake fishing is not for every angler, it does offer spectacular scenic views and a chance to spot and stalk trout
for the true “trout hunter”.

Generally we are starting to see water levels stabilize, but the streams and rivers are still a bit unpredictable. Everyday they are
starting to clear and fish better.  The rivers may jump up again if we have some exceptionally weather but should generally be improving
in the next few weeks.  The lake fishing has been outstanding and should be great for anglers interested in a different type of challenge.

This nice brown trout could not help himself.

Chris with a beautiful cutthroat trout

Fat rainbow trout caught in deep water.