The Dream Stream (South Platte)

A classic Colorado tailwater, the fish and aquatic life in the Dream Stream enjoy fairly consistent year-round temperatures. An abundance of scuds, midges, mayflies, and caddisflies make up the majority of the trout’s diet. These trout will also feed on hoppers, trout fry, eggs, and even mice if the opportunity presents itself–not to mention all the food washed out of Spinney Mountain Reservoir!

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With a nickname like the Dream Stream, you know it has potential. Also known as Spinney Mountain Ranch, this three-mile long Colorado tailwater section of the South Platte River is nestled in the windswept high mountain plain of South Park. Flowing out of Spinney Mountain Reservoir, meandering through prime big trout habitat, the river eventually flows into Eleven Mile Reservoir.

The Dream Stream portion of The South Platte River is public and has easy bank access making this section a very popular destination for Colorado fly fisherman. These trout that can grow to gargantuan proportions have learned how to avoid detection and humble even the most skilled anglers. That is not to say that they can’t be caught . . .

Although unpredictable wind and weather combined with sometimes fussy fish scare many an angler away from The Dream Stream, the dedicated fly fisherman can experience some of the best days of trout fishing imaginable, catching multiple Spinney Mountain Ranch trophies in a single day!!!!


Early spring monster from the Dream Stream.
Colorado fly fishing on the Dream Stream in Colorado. Big trout photo.
The Dream Stream is a great fly fishing destination close to Colorado Springs. Pictured here is a large Snake River Cutthroat Trout.
Guided fly fishing on the dream stream in Colorado for beautiful cutthroat trout.

Kokanee Salmon are another species we sometimes encounter in the fall on the Dream Stream.