Fly Fishing in Colorado for Carp

Guided Fly Fishing for Carp!
A fish that some anglers used to look down upon, have now seen their popularity sky rocket.   Known as one of the toughest fish in the state to catch with a fly rod, carp are an extremely wary and technical gamefish that have often drawn comparisons to saltwater fish such as bonefish or redfish.  Sight fishing is the normal method by which we fly fish for carp. This type of fly fishing is exciting and as close to saltwater fly fishing as we have in the Colorado Rockies.  When a 8-20 pound Carp tails on your fly in two feet of water, even the most experienced fly fishermen get an adrenaline rush!! These large bottom-dwellers usually make one or two powerful runs before slowly surrendering to the angler.

This is an incredibly fun challenge right here in the Denver area!  Want to give warmwater fly fishing a try?  Schedule a trip with Rick Mikesell to see what many other anglers have discovered, just how fun fly fishing for carp can be!