Fly Fishing in Colorado for Carp

Fly Fishing for Carp!
Come try Colorado’s golden bonefish!!!!  Although many anglers still look down their noses at catching carp on a fly, carp are developing
a growing following within the fly fishing community.  Carp have a more developed brain than trout and can become extremely wary with
even a little angling pressure.  Sight fishing is the normal method by which we fly fish for carp. This type of fly fishing is exciting and as
close to saltwater bone fishing as we have in the Colorado Rockies.  When a 8-20 pound Carp tails on your fly in two feet of water, even
the most experienced fly fishermen get an adrenaline rush!! These large bottom-dwellers usually make one or two powerful runs before
slowly surrendering to the angler. Don’t knock it before you try it!

This is a very fun 1/2 day trip in the Denver area.  Also, some anglers heading to South Park in the summer like to mix in a 1/2 day of
carp  fly fishing with a 1/2 day of trout fishing to make for a unique experience.  Let one of our Colorado carp experts show you the

Fly Fishing for Carp in Downtown Denver, Colorado.

Common Carp caught fly fishing – looking for a kiss.

Guide Fred Gray with a Mirror Carp from the South Platte. Caught fly fishing. Check out the cool scales on this guy!

A nice Colorado Carp caught in Denver on fly, landed in a Goodyear Radial.

Denver, Colorado Botanical Garden trophy coi.