Trout Fishing Pictures from our 2010 Colorado Fly Fishing Season

Early March fishing picture from the South Platte River in South Park.

February fly fishing near Deckers on the South Platte. Read Trip Report

March fly fishing on the South Platte in South Park

wildlife to see on our fishing trips.

Carp fishing on the South Platte River. Read report Read more about carp fishing near Denver.

April rainbow caught by Laurie on her first Colorado fly fishing trip. Her husband Mitch caught a cutthroat trout to finish the trip and complete his 4th species of trout for the morning. Photo courtesy of Mitch and Laurie

Amazing color on this Colorado rainbow trout.

Great brown trout caught on the South Platte. Click here to read trip report.

Large rainbow trout caught in the South Platte on the “Dream Stream”

Big mid-May rainbow from the South Platte. Caught nymph fishing.

Major League Baseball players hit one out of the park! Great Platte River triple.

This trout photo is a picture of a splake often mistaken for a lake trout. Caught at Antero Reservoir Colorado.

Great color on this beautiful cut-bow trout caught on a prince nymph.

Nice pike caught with guide Phil Tereyla on a small Colorado stream.

Another nice pike caught in July by R. Cole.

Green Drake mayfly hatching on a cloudy afternoon on the South Platte.

Golden stonefly nymph. Photo taken on Tarryall Creek. Read the trip report from the day in July this photo was taken.

South Platte River brown trout picture

Wade fishing on Tarryall Creek

Cutthroat trout picture from a mountain lake in Colorado.

Awesome South Platte rainbow trout!

One more toothy critter from Tarryall Creek.

Late summer at the lakes.

South Platte River early fall brown trout.

Beautiful brown trout caught on the South Platte River in Colorado

Pair of Kokanee Salmon caught in the same pool on the same day. Caught fly fishing on the South Platte River in Colorado. These fish were landed in the early fall during the beginning of their spawning run. The fish on the left is a male with his fall spawning color and classic hooked jaw. The fish above is a “chrome” female fresh from the lake this fish has not begun to change color yet.

Fall fly fishing on the South Platte. Read Trip Report.