Colorado Private Water Fly Fishing


Every year we get more and more people interested in taking advantage of our exclusive private water guided fly fishing trips near Denver and Colorado Springs. To people from outside the state, the concept of “private water” is a little confusing.  Here is why Colorado has so many private water fisheries and why so many of our guests are interested in booking these private water guided fly fishing trips.  In the state of Colorado, we have some interesting water laws where the land owners technically owns the river bottom.  Many other states have laws where as long as you are in the river, or below the “high water mark” you are not trespassing.  With this not being the case in Colorado, many local land owners who live on some incredible pieces of water can choose to work with certain authorized outfitters and allow them to bring clients onto their property in exchange for an additional “rod fee”.  Because of this rod fee, the price is going to be more than a public water guided trip as we have to pay a fee to the land owner to access their property for the day.  In exchange, we get a piece of water that will be reserved to just your group.  We will not have to deal with other people fishing the same section as us.

Also, on these private water leases, the fish are a little more fly friendly as they do not receive as much pressure as some of the public water fisheries.  With Colorado and Denver growing so fast, many of the famous public water stretches that we guide on are getting increasingly more crowded.  This does not mean we won’t have a great time fishing these rivers, I always explain to people these spots are crowded for good reason, but it has led to the demand of guided fly fishing trips on private water near Denver to be at an all time high.  A lot of our private water stretches have also had extensive stream work done on them. This is where biologist come in with construction equipment and add boulders, riffles, and other structures to improve the habitant in the river.  This allows the fish to not only get bigger, but for the stretch of river to fish in a range of river conditions, both high and low flows.  For our guests who want to experience this solitude or chances at larger fish, we are proud to offer guided fly fishing trips to some of the best private water leases in Colorado.

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Huge rainbow trout caught on a private water Colorado Trout Hunters guided fly fishing trip.

Fish of a lifetime from a guided trip on the North Fork of the South Platte.

Wild Brown Trout from a guided fly fishing trip in South Park Colorado.

I've been lucky enough to fish with some great guides all over the world. Danny is about the fishiest guy I've ever met. He will work his tail off to get his clients into fish. Highly recommend getting a day on the water with him.
Mike R
Danny took me on my first ever fly fishing adventure. He was so patient with me and took the time to explain everything, every step of the way. Danny made sure my trip was successful; he helped me catch multiple fish! I had the best time! I was fortunate enough to go back for a second trip. Danny took me someplace different and made sure my second trip was just as exciting as my first. Incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and such a fun guy. Highly recommend
Amanda R
Most amazing fish whisperer you will meet. He knows where they are because they come to him! And you benefit. Great fun!!
Scott H
The best guide we have ever fished with!! His passion, knowledge, fun nature makes for many fish, laughs, and a perfect day!!!!
Annie L
I went on my first flying trip ever with Danny Frank. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the river as well as the fish who lived in it. With his help my dad and I were hooking and netting fish within half an hour of being on the river. I cannot wait to book my next trip with him!
Paige C
I have booked several trips with Colorado Trout Hunters and just want to say these guys are great! The guides are all really patient and are a lot of fun to fish with. If you want to catch fish, book a trip with Colorado Trout Hunters!
Cory C
Definitely book with these guys! I went today with Fred and he was very friendly and knew exactly where to find the monster trout we were targeting. We met many people throughout the day that had caught nothing at all, while I personally landed 8 fish 18+ inches in length, include one massive 22in brown trout!! For an experienced angler like myself Fred was great, offering helpful tips along the way and sighting the "big boys" for me to cast to. An epic day I will never forget. Thanks guys!!
Jonathan L
I have been out on the river multiple times with Colorado Trout Hunters. Every one of their guides that I have fished with has been excellent. They are down to earth, helpful and will work extremely hard to put you in the right position to catch fish and have an awesome day. They take time to work with each individual based on their skill level and ensure that fun is had by all. If you are looking for a guide to give you a great day on the water, look no further than these won't be disappointed
Peter M
I looked everywhere before deciding on a guide to take me out fishing around the Denver area. I've had a few bad experiences in the past with various guides but let me say this, best experience I have EVER had with a guide. Super professional, everything rigged up and ready and these people know what they are doing. There is no down time and if you are a serious fisher or even an every once in a while one this is the place to be. 100% attention to you and a great personality make a perfect day.
Tyler R