Dream Stream Trophy Trout!!
Every fish on this page would qualify (with room to spare) for a Colorado Division of Wildlife Master Angler Award!

28.5 inch monster cutthroat trout from the Dream Stream

28.5 inch monster cutthroat trout from the Dream Stream

29.25 inch big rainbow trout asleep on the job.

25.5 inch rainbow trout, guide Chris Eisenhard fly fishing Spinney mountain ranch.

24 inch trophy brown trout caught in the winter air temp 17 degrees.

26 inch big brown trout spring 2004 fly fishing at the mouth of 11 mile reservoir.

28 inch trophy cut bow trout from the South Platte River

25 inch cut-bow trout picture from the Dream Stream

21 inch Kokanee Salmon up from Eleven Mile Reservoir

Wow monster trout caught fly fishing Spinney Mountain Ranch

Big cut-bow trout fly fishing caught on a guide trip in Colorado.

Big rainbow trout fly fishing on the South Platte in Colorado

Fred Gray with a great Dream Stream trout!

Big post spawn brown!

Big fall brown trout!

24.25 inch snake river cutthroat trout caught fly fishing in the Fall

Spring can = Monster Trout on the Dream Stream!

Big male Kokanee

Holy Cow!

One of the biggest snake river cutthroats we have seen in recent years!

Great looking spring cutthroat!

Happy happy happy!!
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(Note: fish on spawning beds are strictly OFF LIMITS!!)