May 11, 2009 Colorado Trout Hunters Colorado Fly Fishing Trip Report

Date: May 11, 2009

Location: Longmeadow Ranch private water fishing trip Call 303-325-5515 for availability and bookings.

Number of Anglers: 1

Guide: Tad Howard

Weather: Mostly sunny temps in the 60’s.

River Condition: Water temps in the mid to upper 40’s.   Water off color in AM clearing through the day.

Spring Fly FishingThe late spring runoff is almost upon us.  Water temps are warming, and as the water levels start to rise the trout have been feeding very
heavily.  There are some great caddis hatches going on the South Platte.  Anglers have lots of opportunities to have fun with a variety of techniques and tactics.  The ice is just coming off some of our high mountain lakes.  This will offer some outstanding fly fishing
opportunities in the next few weeks.

On this beautiful May day we had the opportunity to fly fish on Longmeadow Ranch.  This 2 mile stretch of water holds lots of big trout and a good variety of trout species as well.  Although the brookies and cutthroats eluded us on this day, the cut-bows, rainbows, and beautiful brown trout were all we could handle.  We had consistent fly fishing all day.  Nymph fishing was the most productive, but we also had some great hookups on streamers.

One hard charging rainbow managed to snap a 5 wt rod like a twig. Kevin did a great job all day of managing these feisty fish.  As the
waters continue to rise, these difficult fish can leave you with sore arms by the end of the day.

If you are thinking about a Colorado fly fishing adventure this year please give us a call, as we are happy to hook you up.