Giant trout from a winter private water fly fishing trip near Denver

Are you looking for an outdoor adventure this winter that does not involve sitting in the ski traffic on I-70?  We have the solution!  Despite the cold temperatures, there are still some great fly fishing opportunities throughout the winter time.  The key to a successful winter fishing trip is to target fish in the right type of water.  Colorado has many “tailwaters” which are rivers below dams.  In most of these, the water is released from the bottom of the reservoir so it is often times warmer than the air temperature outside.  The first few miles below these dams usually stay ice free all winter long.

Winter Fly Fishing On The North Fork Of The South Platte

Our favorite private water fly fishing leases on the North Fork of the South Platte are all still open and fishing FANTASTIC! Because of the low snow pack last winter and the following dry summer, Denver is still in a drought and needs water.  Roberts Tunnel moves water from the westernslope to the Front Range via the North Fork of the South Platte.  This means the water is going to stay at an above average flow all winter long and the private water fishing properties on this river will continue to fish great.  The landowners on these properties are offering a discounted rod fee of $150 a person (with a two person minimum) to access them.  We also have a discounted guide rate for the winter time of $325 for 1 angler, $375 for 2 anglers.  Included in this is 6 hours on the water during the warmest, most productive time of day, all needed gear and lunch.

Public Water Winter Fly Fishing

Winter guided fly fishing trips on the South Platte River

We are also running winter guided fly fishing trips to the South Platte River near the town of Deckers.  The water coming out of Cheesman Reservoir is pretty low so the fish are spooky!  If you have a few cold nights in a row, the water can even run a little slushy in the morning.  The most productive time of the day is the warmest so no need to get on the water too early.  When fishing, you want to use the smallest flies in your box and light tippets.  The fish are holding in the slower, deeper water as opposed to the quick riffles.  The fishing is challenging but rewarding!  Also great to see this stretch without the normal crowds of summer and fall.

For winter fishing reports on other Colorado Rivers, check in with our partners at FlyCast!

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Happy Holidays!