Trophy trout from a guided fly fishing trip near Denver.

Fly Fishing Near Denver

We are lucky to have some fantastic fly fishing opportunities near Denver.  We have been guiding these locations just outside of Denver and Colorado Springs since 2006 and would love to share them with you!  When guests are interested in booking a guided fly fishing trip we always want to hear if they have any particular goals or expectations for the day.  Once we hear those, we do our best to create a game plan to help them achieve achieve their dream Colorado fly fishing day!  I usually start off by telling guests that we have 2 different categories of guided fly fishing trips near Denver, both private water and public water.

Private Water Fly Fishing Near Denver

We are proud to offer exclusive access to some of the best private water fishing in Colorado.  We have some interesting water laws in Colorado where the landowners technically own the river bottom.  This means there are some fantastic fly fishing opportunities that can only be accessed with the landowner’s permission.  At Colorado Trout Hunters, we have relationships with landowners that allow us to bring our clients onto their private property in exchange for a rod fee.  Once we pay this “access fee” we will have a large section of river reserved for just your group.  These private water fisheries typically offer a little more forgiving fishing as the fish are less pressured.  We can get you set up with a guided fly fishing trip on private waters such as the famous North Fork of the South Platte or smaller, streams in South Park or on Tarryall Creek.  When booking a private water guided fly fishing trip, you will feel like you went back in time, fishing a gorgeous stretch of water with no other people around.  Every year our largest fish (like the one below) are landed on our various private water leases.

Monster Rainbow Trout from a guided fly fishing trip near Denver.

Public Water Fly Fishing Near Denver

For those that don’t want to pay the extra rod fee of private water or for the clients who want to learn a local fishery that they can go back and fish on their own, we are lucky to have guide permits on some of the best public water fly fishing rivers near Denver.  The South Platte River is our home river and we run most of our guided fly fishing trips on the South Platte near Deckers or the Dream Stream.  These are some very technical fisheries so a trip with one of our professional guides is a great way to cut out some of the guessing work.  We love showing locals who want to improve their success rate on these rivers some of our tips and tricks when they book guided fly fishing trips with us. Public water rivers near Denver can get a little crowded but we always tell people they are crowded for good reason, because they offer great fly fishing!  Regardless of if there are other people or not, the fish are still in the river and they still need to eat. Our guides know these rivers like the back of their hands and can help you find success on these fantastic fisheries that are located just outside Denver and Colorado Springs.  Below is a photo of a great public water fish from the South Platte near the town of Deckers.

A cool looking brown trout from a guided fly fishing trip near Deckers.

We would love to share some of the wonderful fly fishing opportunities Colorado has to offer.  Give us a shout at (303) 325-5515 if you have any questions or if we can help you plan your Dream Fly Fishing Vacation!