It has been a great winter for fly fishing near Denver and Colorado Springs.  The South Platte River is experiencing flows well above average for this time of year.  This has led to fish being more much active than normal despite the winter cold.  We have been running most of our guided fly fishing trips to the South Platte River near Deckers.  The high flows have the fish spread out nicely throughout the entire river.  General rule of thumb for winter fishing is to target fish in the slow, deep pools.  While plenty of fish can be found there, the high flows also have the fish spread out in the riffles and runs.  These are the fish that are feeding more actively and our favorite to target.  We have been catching most of our fish on midge patterns and small BWO imitations.  As the days get longer, fish will eat eggs as the rainbow trout begin to spawn.

The Dream Stream stretch of the South Platte is also fishing great.   Usually this is the time of year when large migratory fish start to make there way out of 11 Mile reservoir and into the river.  The run seems later than normal but should get going as we move into March.  We have been having a great time fishing for ourselves and guiding trips upstream below the dam.  Here we are targeting resident fish but thanks to above average flows on this stretch as well, the larger residents are out feeding.  For these fish, I would start with an egg or worm on 4x then go to 5X to more traditional winter midge patterns.  For more up to date river conditions, be sure to check in with our friends at FlyCast!

Our calendar for summer is quickly filling in.  Reach out to get on the calendar early!  June-September are always are busiest months for guided fly fishing trips near Denver but we think March and April are two of the most underrated months to be on the water. The fish really wake up after a long winter and will be nice and fat after above average winter flows.  Our guided fly fishing trips to private water book up especially far in advanced.  If you want to check out some of our exclusive private water properties, give us a call as soon as possible to get on the calendar!  (303) 325-5515