The Fly Fishing in Deckers has been fantastic this past month.  Denver Water has been keeping the flows out of Cheesman Reservoir nice and high (relative to flows this year, about average for most years) between 250-350 cfs.  This has the trout feeding throughout the entire river.  Early in the morning we are seeing trico spinners in good numbers.  One of my favorite ways to imitate this hatch is to sink your dry fly and fish it subsurface behind an indicator.  This is a great way to fool fish during this typically frustrating hatch.  As with all trico hatches, keep your flies small, bugs in the #22 and even #24 range accurately imitate this tiny mayfly.  My go to rig is a #22 black RS2 followed by a sunken trico spinner.  As the day progresses, PMD’s become the bug of choice.  This is when we are getting most of our bigger fish.  I like a simple Pheasant Tail or Barr’s Emerger (no flash or bead) in a size 16 and 18 to imitate the Pale Morning Duns.  As these bugs hatch, fish are moving into the riffles and aggressively feeding.  In certain spots we are seeing fishing rise to PMD adults but nymping has been the most consistent method.  I like fishing my PMD’s on 4X under a yarn indicator. Some afternoons, we are even seeing Blue Winged Olives giving the trout a wide range of mayflies to gorge themselves on.  General attractor patterns are also working such as Pat’s Rubber Legs or even Grass Hoppers.  This is a great time of year to get out and experience some of the best fishing the South Platte has to offer.  Message us to get a day on the water and chase some wild brown trout!