It has been a very busy summer with all of our guided fly fishing trips! We have been seeing higher than average river flows thanks to a great snowpack this past winter. These high flows have really helped contribute to a very large average size of fish. Our go to for guided public water trips has been the South Platte River near the town of Deckers. The high flows here has the large wild brown trout out and on the feed. We have seen multiple fish close to the 20 inch mark. The flows are starting to come down but the fish are still actively feeding. Tricos are hatching as are pmds and caddis giving us plenty of different options on what flies to fish. Wild Decker’s brown trout like the photo below have been showing themselves in good numbers. Book a guided fly fishing trip with us and let us show you how to catch fish like this just outside of Denver and Colorado Springs!

We are fortunate to offer some great private water guided fly fishing trips on Tarryall Creek among other stretches in South Park Colorado. Now that the flows have come down on these high country streams, the fish are out and hungry! We have been getting some large browns and rainbows on these private water leases and best of all, have been getting them on dry flies!

Our new private water stretch, Abell River Ranch, is located just outside of Lake George Colorado and offers some of the best dry fly fishing on the South Platte River! You can currently catch fish on anything from Tricos to Grass Hoppers. I describe this stretch as fishing Colorado 30 years ago. It is 3 miles of private water fishing located between Cheesman Reservoir and 11 Mile Reservoir. We are proud to offer guided fly fishing trips here and would love to share this property with you!

We are still the only outfitter offering guided fly fishing trips targeting trophy Colorado Brook Trout. Sheephorn Ranch is a fly fisherman’s dream. We only run 1 trip a week here but when we do, you will get shots at very large brook trout as well as rainbows and cutthroat. This lake sits over 10,000 feet and the views are the only thing that could distract you from the large brook trout cruising the shoreline.

The North Fork of the South Platte is unfortunately currently closed. When Colorado has a good snowpack year, the North Fork suffers as instead of diverting water through Roberts Tunnel, Denver Water sends the water through the Blue River so that it flows west of the divide and replenishes the Colorado River. The fish are still okay in there thanks to the snowmelt, but we are not guiding these stretches until the dam gets turned back on. Before it closed in late July, we were able to run quite a few guided fly fishing trips there and land some of the trophies that the river boasts.

We are going to have some great fishing the rest of this summer and into the fall. Give us a shout if you want a guided fly fishing trip near Denver or Colorado Springs. We would love to spend some time on the water with you! Reach out here or call (303) 325-5515