Fall Fly Fishing Colorado


An outdoor experience like no other

Fall Fly Fishing in Colorado:
Colorado is a great place to fly fish during any season, but especially fall!  School is back in session, summer vacations are over, and the rivers are less crowded.  The days are getting shorter, the weather has cooled a bit, the leaves are changing, and the trout are hungry as they fatten up for winter.  Fall fly fishing means something different to all Colorado anglers.  Some people look forward to the relative
solitude.  Others look forward to the fantastic dry fly fishing.  Some people think of the brilliant koakanee salmon as they make their way upstream to spawn, and still others think of big brown trout chasing streamers.  Whatever you look forward to, fall is a beautiful time of year to be fly fishing and arguably offers some of Colorado’s finest fly fishing of the season.

Brown trout in the fall can take on amazing color.  Brown trout spawn in the fall, so be careful not to disturb the spawning fish.  Before they spawn, they take on some brilliant color that rivals the fall foliage.  After they spawn they need to feed constantly to regain their strength and energy before winter.

When targeting Colorado trout in the fall, be sure to have a variety of weapons in your fly fishing arsenal.  Dry fly enthusiasts can match the hatch with fall BWO’s, tricos, midges, and a few caddis flies.  Be sure to have some nymphs ready to probe for large trout feeding under the surface.  A small egg pattern with a variety of small nymphs trailed behind can be a deadly fall fly fishing combination. Streamer fishermen get ready!  Many aggressive big fish fall prey to streamers every fall as they feed heavily to prepare for winter.

We offer a wide range of fall guide trip options and with good water levels the fly fishing is exceptional.  So get the fly rod out and enjoy a day fly fishing in the Colorado rockies before we get out the winter gloves and skies!

Fall brook trout picture

Fall fly fishing on the South Platte River in Colorado.

Hooked up on a small stream. Beautiful early fall day in Colorado.

Underwater rainbow trout release photo taken in early fall.

Fall brook trout photo male in full spawning colors.

Fall fly fishing for brown trout in Colorado.

Fall brown trout on the “dream stream” in Colorado.

Great fall colors.

The monsters of fall in Colorado!