We are excited to now offer on water Euro nymphing classes!  Are you interested in taking your nymphing game to the next level and learning techniques used by Fly Fishing Team USA and Competition fly fisherman around the world?

European Nymphing or “Euro Nymphing” is a range of techniques developed by competition fly fisherman to catch fish as efficiently as possible without using a bobber (suspender) or fly line. The basic setup is a longer specialised rod (10-11ft) that is designed to cast a long mono leader (20-30ft) and hold a colored sighter above the water to register strikes and also to allow you to lead the flies through the drift at whatever depth you choose. 

Using a setup like this in conjunction with a level fluorocarbon leader ,weighted tungsten flies with no split shot allows you to get a far purer dead drift for longer in the strike zone with far less weight than is possible to achieve with a floating indicator . It also allows you to fish turbulent pocket water and super shallow riffles that are also hard to target with a regular floating indicator setup and because all your weight is in the flies and not split shot further up the leader you get instant feedback as soon as a fish hits them .  You will see many bites that are completely missed when fishing with a traditional floating indicator .

These techniques are super fun to master and have a lot of depth to keep you interested as you develop.  Once you have the basics down it is not unusual to see your catch rate climb quite dramatically and is a deadly way to fish for spooky fish! 

The class is on the water and will go over everything from gear to fishing instructions.  Want to schedule a class?  Reach out here!