I have been volunteering for this wonderful organization for 10 years now and every retreat remains just as impactful.  This year 3 of Colorado Trout Hunter’s guides volunteered at the event by donating a free guided trip.

For those who are not familiar with Casting for Recovery, it is an organization that takes advantage of our planet’s natural healing powers by providing women in various stages of breast cancer with a weekend of relief and relaxation.  It is a 2½ day retreat for 14 women into the mountains.  An opportunity for the women to not only learn to fly fish, but to form relationships and find the physical and emotional relief that comes along with a weekend in the Colorado Rockies.  It is a form of medicine that cannot be measured on a doctor’s clipboard but instead, through a lady’s spirits and state of mind.  The alleviating of pain and negative thoughts is always something I have associated with fly fishing and it is truly a humbling experience seeing such wonderful women feel the same way.

Casting for Recovery is an organization completely powered by volunteers that can result in a life-changing weekend.  This is an incredible event that truly makes a difference in the life of an individual who is more than deserving.  CFR is a national organization; if you are interested in more information, please check out the following link, Casting for Recovery or visit the Colorado-specific chapter.