Trout and Fly Fishing Pictures from our 2007 fly fishing season

Nice rainbow fly fishing a Colorado Pond.

Rocky Mountain brown trout picture caught fly fishing on the South Platte.

our fly fishing guide trips

Nice Snake River Cutthroat trout pic.

Hooked fly fishing one of our high mountain lakes for trout

R. Cole fly fishing in June on Tarryall Creek. Several nice trout hooked in this run.

Back country fly fishing at over 12,000 feet well above tree line

Dr. Cook with a beautiful Colorado brown trout released in June.

Hooked up with a big Colorado fish on one of our private high mountain lakes.

Brook trout pics from a high mountain lake in Colorado.

hike into Colorado’s back country. Nice cutthroat trout picture.

This beautiful wild brown trout ate a dry fly at one of our private areas on Tarryall Creek.

Beautiful sunset on our private Colorado lakes that are filled with hungry trout.

Big bow from one of out small creeks!!

Take a helicopter on your next Colorado Trout Hunter fishing trip.

Colorado Cutthroat Trout picture. Fly Fishing over labor day weekend.

Mountain goat lounging by a high mountain lake.

Colorado moose sighting while fly fishing in early many of our Colorado fly fishing trips.

2 of our youngest happy customers ages 3 and 5 with a brook trout on a fly rod.

Big brook trout picture – fly fishing guide trips in Colorado.

Colorado Cutthroat Trout fly fishing at 11,000 feet.

Beautiful fall brook trout fly fishing.

Beautiful brown trout fly fishing pics from the South Platte.

Great color on this fall cut-bow trout picture

Pic of a cutbow trout fly fishing Colorado

Kraig with a big Rainbow trout on his Colorado fly fishing trip

Colorado fly fishing pics from the first snow storm of the year. Big cutbow trout.

2 underwater trout pictures of rainbow trout in Colorado.

Father son fly fishing double on big rainbow trout

Cutbow trout picture read report

Beautiful brown trout picture

Rainbow trout picture from the Deckers area of the South Platte

Chet with a big rainbow trout caught late in the season

Photo of a beautiful trout double from longmeadow ranch in Colorado