January 10th, 2012 Colorado Trout Hunters Colorado Fly Fishing Trip Report

Date: January 10, 2012

Location: Blue River in Silverthorne, Colorado Call 303-325-5515 for guide trip bookings

Number of Anglers: 2

Guide: Tad Howard and Fred Gray

Weather: Cold in the morning but warmed as the day progressed; beautiful blue-bird day

River Condition: Very clear

People always ask when the guides get to go fishing. Well, today we hit the river. January in Colorado is slow for guide trips and a perfect time for us to sneak out for a half day. Just because the nights are cold does not mean you can’t have a great day on the water! We worked hard and managed to find some beautiful tailwater trout.

There were quite a few other anglers taking advantage of the beautiful day, so we decided to explore some waters below the town. We did find a few fish, but it seemed as though they were somewhat few and far between. We decided to head back into town (closer to the dam) and cover some water where good fish are known to lie.

We found a few nice trout and were just about to call it a day when we noticed the anglers upstream had moved on. We decided to give it a quick go and managed to end the day with a flurry of nice trout, including the double pictured below. It was a great way to end the first
personal fishing day of the new year–and hopefully a good omen for things to come in 2012.

In trout news:
New for 2012, Colorado Trout Hunters is pleased to offer guided fishing trips within the town of Silverthorne. We will now have the opportunity to target some beautiful and potentially very large tailwater trout on the Blue River below Lake Dillon.

We have had guided fishing trips on the South Platte all winter with very good success. We have been fishing the South Fork of the Platte near Deckers. Unfortunately the North Fork is iced up and looks like it will probably stay that way until spring. As soon as the ice starts to break up there should be some great fishing!

We could use a bit more snow in the high country, but water levels look good in the reservoirs, and with a bit of luck it should be a great season!