Fly Fishing Cheesman Canyon
and Deckers on the
South Platte River
Cheeseman Canyon
Cheeseman Canyon fishing
Brown trout from
Cheesman Canyon
Fly Fishing Deckers - Cheeseman Canyon
Bald Eagles also frequent
Colorado's South Platte River in
search of a fresh trout dinner.
More Colorado Fly Fishing
Great fly fishing is not the only
Denver attraction.  Anglers also
have the opportunity to view
diverse wildlife around Deckers.
A fly fisherman probes a deep pool in Cheesman Canyon in search of a trophy trout.
The South Platte River Cheesman Canyon and Deckers Area:
This tailwater section of the South Platte River starts below Cheesman Reservoir and is
one of the most fabled stretches of western trout water.  Located about one hour
southwest of Denver Colorado, and also close to Colorado Springs, this classic trout
fishery one of the most fabled stretches of western trout water.  Summer of 2002 saw
extreme drought followed by the infamous Haymen fire that burned thousands of acres
in the South Platte River Basin drainage.  The river ran black from ash for almost a year.
Today the river has returned quickly to its former glory as a premier fly fishing
destination. There are excellent hatches, lots of trout, and some beautiful rainbows and
browns for anglers to enjoy.

Have one of our talented guides give you a fly fishing trip or lesson around the Deckers
area and rediscover a great natural resource easily accessible from Colorado Springs
and Denver!
Fly fishing the South Platte River for trout.
Get outside and give flyfishing, at
nearby Deckers a try.
Rainbow trout from the South Platte near Deckers
Cheeseman Canyon fly fishing picture
Fly fishing Cheesman Canyon on the South Platte River in Colorado
Cheeseman canyon trout fly fishing in Colorado