April 12, 13, 14
Colorado Trout Hunters
Fly Fishing Trip Report
April 12,13,14, 2011
Tarryall Creek and
South Platte River Private Water
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Number of Anglers:
Tad Howard
NICE. Temps 40's to 60's all three days.
Mostly sunny, some afternoon clouds.
River Condition:
Day 1 and 2: low water
Day 3: high off-color water in morning clearing in afternoon.
3 great days on the water!

Day 1: Fly fishing on Tarryall Creek. The day began clear and cool. We
initially fished beaver ponds and quickly hooked and landed the first
fish of the day--a 28-inch trout hungry pike! This was Chris's first
experience with a pike and an exciting way to start 3 days of fishing.
The rest of the day was spent chasing trout in the deep pools of
Tarryall Creek. Some beautiful rainbows and a brown rounded out the

Day 2: Early morning fly fishing on the South Platte could not have
been more ideal. When we first walked up to the river we immediately
spotted a monster trout in a pod with several more respectable fish. We
decided that was the fish we wanted! As we were targeting the big guy,
2 other nice trout were landed before Mr. Big ate a #18 pheasant tail.
The fight ended with some photos (see picture) and a quick clean
release.  The rest of the day was action packed with hungry trout in
most every spot we tried.

Day 3: Fishing on a private fly fishing club. We were some of the first
anglers of the year on the water, making Day 3 a blast. The water was
high and off-color in the morning, creating some concern. The concern
was unfounded as we soon started hooking fish on large stoneflies. As
the water cleared, the fishing improved and by the time we left it was
RED HOT! Dozens of fish were landed from 12-22 inches.  What a
great way to end the trip.

In trout news:
The fishing has been exceptional!  Water flows are starting to fluctuate
on the South Platte.  We have had some great trips on the public water,
and South Park is ice-free and fishing well.
I had a wonderful time fishing with you this week.  Not only did we catch
a lot of fish (how's that for an understatement?), but we had a lot of fun
doing it.   You are an incredible guide, very knowledgeable and
enthusiastic.  I really enjoy meeting people who have such a passion for
what they do, and a willingness to share it with others.  Your abilities to
spot fish, design the rig, point out locations, tell me what drift to do, how
to hook, land , etc. etc. really show. What is also amazing is how you
can set everything up for me and still make me feel like I am actually
catching the fish!  Thank you also for the pictures!
Mr. Big!
The trout eater.
Tarryall rainbow.
High water rainbow!