Ever Have A Fish Puke Up A Meal On You?

I have had this happen a few times over the years.  Usually it is just a bunch of aquatic worms, I have even had a fish puke up a smaller trout once.  But a few months ago while guiding Shawnee Meadows, I had one of the craziest experiences of my guide career. My client caught a nice fish, and while it was in the net, I notice something starting to come out of its mouth.  It was so large I assumed it was a rat.  The partially digested animal was now in the net along with the fish where I could get a closer look.This fish puked up this partially digested salamander when it was being caught.

It was here I realized that it was actually a salamander!  And a big one!  I had no idea salamanders could even get this big.  I will post another close up photo below.  But the point here is not only to share this weird event on a guide trip, but to remind you the trout are adaptable opportunist when feeding.  If there is a food source located in an environment, they will eat it!  Keep that in mind when picking your flies.  Also two points to whoever ties me up a salamander fly!

Rainbow trout puked up this salamander