Tad Howard

Owner/Director and Pro-Fly Fisherman – Colorado Division of Wildlife Master Angler

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Tad has chosen a career path that defies tradition.  After completing an undergraduate degree in business, at a well known east coast university and completing a J.D. at the University of Denver’s Law School, he made the decision to turn his passion into his profession.

Tad has been fly-fishing for 22 years and guiding professionally for 16 years.  A native of western New York, he completed undergrad with dual degrees in business as well as fly fishing!!  We do consider the thousands of hours spent fly-fishing and guiding for monster Great Lake steelhead, brown trout, and salmon enough to warrant an honorary degree.

After graduation, the lure of the Colorado Rocky Mountains called. Every summer during law school, and full time since completing law school, Tad has found nothing as fulfilling as fishing and guiding for trout.  His love for the sport has made it possible to guide, fish, or hunt nearly everyday. Of all the time spent on the water each year, Tad is pressed to think of a single hour that would have been better spent behind a desk.

Introducing novice fisherman to fly-fishing is probably the most rewarding for Tad.  Watching students grow into accomplished fly-fishermen and fishing buddies is the ultimate compliment for this easygoing guide.

Also an accomplished hunter, Tad hunts everything from upland birds to big game.  Comfortable calling ducks and turkey as well as stalking whitetail deer and elk, character traits that make Tad a successful hunter (patience, acute observation, and a love for the outdoors) are invaluable when it comes to stalking and catching big trout.

Tad is at his best guiding on the South Platte.  The North Fork of the South Platte and the Dream Stream are two of his favorites.  Figuring out stillwater lakes, ponds and reservoirs is always a fun experience.  Spend a day with Tad and you too will become one of his many repeat clients!

Fly Rods: “It is hard to pick a favorite.  Sage always stands out, but the new Winston BIIX is the first rod I grab when I’m heading out the door.”‘

Reels: ”It’s a coin flip between Galvin’s OB series and Ross Evolution.”

Thoughts:  “Fishing is meant to be FUN! Going the extra mile to make sure everyone has fun, whether catering to a particular style, stalking huge fish, or catching brookies and browns on dry’s, teaching is where I find my greatest enjoyment.”

Waders: “Whatever keeps me dry, but it must be Gortex.”

On the water, Tad prefers the G-3 Simms fishing vest.  It is very well-designed and has a slot for everything.

Flies: “One of my favorite parts of fly fishing is altering existing fly patterns and developing new patterns to consistently fool the wary fish on our streams!  Old standby patterns like Parachute Adams, stimulators, and PT’s will always have a place in my fly box.  The patterns I like most are my own including Clear Creek Special, 2 Tone Sparkle Wing RS2, crystal buckskin, and the red headed stepchild.”

Favorite Locations: ”The South Platte will always have a soft spot with me because it is close and there are so many quality fish. The huge lake run fish of the Great Lakes are also hard to beat.  Once you learn to beat the crowds, the fishing is amazing.”

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I've been lucky enough to fish with some great guides all over the world. Danny is about the fishiest guy I've ever met. He will work his tail off to get his clients into fish. Highly recommend getting a day on the water with him.
Mike R
Danny took me on my first ever fly fishing adventure. He was so patient with me and took the time to explain everything, every step of the way. Danny made sure my trip was successful; he helped me catch multiple fish! I had the best time! I was fortunate enough to go back for a second trip. Danny took me someplace different and made sure my second trip was just as exciting as my first. Incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and such a fun guy. Highly recommend
Amanda R
Most amazing fish whisperer you will meet. He knows where they are because they come to him! And you benefit. Great fun!!
Scott H
The best guide we have ever fished with!! His passion, knowledge, fun nature makes for many fish, laughs, and a perfect day!!!!
Annie L
I went on my first flying trip ever with Danny Frank. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the river as well as the fish who lived in it. With his help my dad and I were hooking and netting fish within half an hour of being on the river. I cannot wait to book my next trip with him!
Paige C
I have booked several trips with Colorado Trout Hunters and just want to say these guys are great! The guides are all really patient and are a lot of fun to fish with. If you want to catch fish, book a trip with Colorado Trout Hunters!
Cory C
Definitely book with these guys! I went today with Fred and he was very friendly and knew exactly where to find the monster trout we were targeting. We met many people throughout the day that had caught nothing at all, while I personally landed 8 fish 18+ inches in length, include one massive 22in brown trout!! For an experienced angler like myself Fred was great, offering helpful tips along the way and sighting the "big boys" for me to cast to. An epic day I will never forget. Thanks guys!!
Jonathan L
I have been out on the river multiple times with Colorado Trout Hunters. Every one of their guides that I have fished with has been excellent. They are down to earth, helpful and will work extremely hard to put you in the right position to catch fish and have an awesome day. They take time to work with each individual based on their skill level and ensure that fun is had by all. If you are looking for a guide to give you a great day on the water, look no further than these guys...you won't be disappointed
Peter M
I looked everywhere before deciding on a guide to take me out fishing around the Denver area. I've had a few bad experiences in the past with various guides but let me say this, best experience I have EVER had with a guide. Super professional, everything rigged up and ready and these people know what they are doing. There is no down time and if you are a serious fisher or even an every once in a while one this is the place to be. 100% attention to you and a great personality make a perfect day.
Tyler R