Enormous trout that ate a green drake dry fly at Rolling J Ranch.

Incredible Fish Landed On Green Drake Dry Fly

We had a pretty special moment a few weeks ago at the Rolling J Ranch.  Guide/Owner Danny Frank and Trout Hunters VIP Larry Galloway were fishing a double dry fly rig during a Green Drake Hatch on the Upper Arkansas River.  A giant 29″ Rainbow Trout was sitting in a shallow riffle and it slowly, subtly, rose up and ate on of our flies (exact fly pattern is a secret, need to book a trip to learn haha!).  After an insane fight on 4X tippet, this giant was in the net.  Easily the biggest dry fly eat of my career and the biggest of Larry’s life as well!

Want to fish the coolest hatch on the planet?  Reach out now because prime dates during this 2 week window go fast!