Spring 2024 on the Dream Stream!

Colorado Trout Hunters owner and guide Danny Frank with a big trout from the Dream Stream.

It has been a great spring on the Dream Stream this year for both our guides and clients on guided trips.  Every spring the famous Dream Stream gets an influx of migratory lake fish out of Elevenmile Reservoir.  These fish are usually large and full of fight after moving upstream from the lake.  They can be very difficult to catch but it is one of our favorite fishing events of the year.  This season saw an exceptionally good run of fish which in our opinion, can be attributed to the above average flows out of Spinney Mountain Reservoir.

This past year the state removed an off channel dam on the South Platte near Lake George.  When they did this work, they had to keep the flows out of Elevenmile Dam low to safely complete the job.  Now that the dam is removed, Aurora Water (who owns Spinney Mountain Reservoir) is moving extra water downstream to make up for the lack of water they moved during the dam removal process.  Because of this, we are seeing above average flows on the Dream Stream.  In our opinion, this extra water not only causes more lake fish to enter the river system, it also has them more comfortable and spread out further upstream.  Long story short, it has been a fantastic spring on the Dream Stream for both our guides fun fishing and our guides who are guiding trips.  It should continue to stay good for the next couple weeks if you want to get out, let us know!

Important note: we never target actively spawning fish.  The pre and post spawn fish are a blast to chase.  It is very unethical to target fish that are actively on spawning beds or “redds”.

Guide Matt Sandersen with a big Dream Stream fish.

Our friend Karl with a nice fish that he landed with guide Matt Sandersen

Big Dream Stream cut bow from a trip with Danny Frank of Colorado Trout Hunters.

Danny Frank with a big, colored up Dream Stream fish.