July 31, 2012 Small Stream Report

Date: July 31, 2012

Location: Private small stream with beaver dams

Weather: Beautiful AM – Late day storms

Stream Condition: Excellent

Small stream fishing is a kick! It is not for everyone but if no crowds, lots of action, and dry flies appeal to you, this trip might be a perfect fit.

Today started off early, with the forecast calling for early afternoon storms, so we hit the water running. We knew we were in for good dry
fly conditions when we could see multiple trout rising in the beaver ponds on the drive in.

We strung an ultra-light 1wt fly rod and Jim (an accomplished angler) gave it quite a workout.  The first cast resulted in an electric strike that set the tone for a great day.

Not often do I get to see a day where we fish exclusively dry flies. This was one of those days. The fish were looking up and taking attractor patterns with enthusiasm. Almost every good looking spot (and lots of not so good looking spots) produced strikes.

Primarily brown trout came to hand, but a few brook trout were fooled as well. These wild fish had great color and were very eager to feed, as proven in the photo below of the 13 inch brown with a 6-7 inch brown coming out of his mouth. He still came up for a dry!

If you are looking for big fish, this is not your trip as a 13-14 inch trout would be a monster.  Anglers on our smaller waters should be prepared to do some moderate hiking, much more so than in most of our trips–for the best success we have to cover a lot of water. Fishing is very dependent on stream flow.

In trout news:
2012 has been a challenging year for Colorado. Thankfully the fishing has been very consistent and better than expected in most cases. We are lucky to have a huge variety of water to choose from, and we always try to move our clients around so you have the best experience possible.

The Platte is still fishing well and we expect good fishing through the rest of the season.

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