October 15, 2009 Colorado Trout Hunters South Park Super Slam

Date: October 15, 2009

Location: South Platte River public water fishing trip Call 303-325-5515 for availability and bookings.

Number of Anglers: 1

Guide: Tad Howard

Weather: Windy, cloudy with temps in the 50’s

River Condition: Water temps in the 40’s.  Medium to poor visibility.

Fall fly fishing Have you ever heard of the South Park Super Slam? Mark has! He is one of the lucky few anglers to achieve the South Park Super Slam.  This is achieved when one angler catches 4 species of trout (brown, rainbow, cutthroat and cut-bow) plus a Kokanee Salmon in the South Platte River (all over 16 inches)–all in the same day!

The “dream stream” section of the South Platte holds some beautiful big fish. Mark is pictured here with each species caught in this
memorable day of fishing.  And in case that wasn’t enough, Mark also managed to catch countless smaller brown and rainbow trout!

The last few days have offered some of the best fishing of the season on the South Platte.  Our private waters have been fishing very well, and the public waters are seeing some heavy action but have been producing some exceptional trout.

As long as we have mild temps the fishing should be very good on the Platte.  Please call 303-325-5515 for availability and bookings.