Wild brown trout - Colorado fly fishing on Tarryall Creek.
Tarryall Creek fly fishing at
Ute Creek Ranch:

This outstanding section of Tarryall Creek that has never been open to the
public till now. While this private fly fishing lease is shorter in length than
some of our other Tarryall Creek properties, it provides the best fish holding
capacity of any section. The lower section meanders through a mountain
meadow with classic riffle-pool configuration. The middle section (near the
bridge) has longer runs with small pockets and shrub-lined banks. The
upper stretch is characterized by fast riffles that feed deep canyon pools.
Here, boulders, overhanging branches and a steeper gradient make wading
and casting more difficult, but offers great pocket water fishing behind the
structure. An impressive population of fish (wild browns) in the 8 to 17 inch
range are distributed throughout the property, with even larger fish in the
deeper pools. Many of our  anglers have successfully released 18-24 inch
browns and rainbows on this Tarryall Creek property. The stream should be
worked methodically, as it isn't always obvious where the fish are holding or
what patterns will be effective. Our guides drastically reduce the guess work
and specialize in finding these less obvious fish.  This property on beautiful
Tarryall Creek is Ideal for one person but suitable for two anglers who are
willing to work as a team.
The trout on Tarryall Creek can put a smile on any fishermans face.
Tarryall Creek fly fishing
caught so many more fish after going out with you.  
WE will be back !!!
-G. Brinson  (pictured above with one of her pretty wild brown trout)
Colorado Fly
Fishing on
Tarryall Creek
Ute Creek Ranch
Wild brown trout caught on a dry fly on Tarryall Creek in Colorado.
Summer scene while fly fishing Tarryall Creek.  
Big rainbow trout for a small stream like Tarryall Creek.  
Nice Tarryall Creek brown trout.
Once in a while a lucky angler can find a special treat.  A few large northern pike
lurk in the depths feasting on trout.