Colorado Trophy Trout
Pictures and Big Fish
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Big Brook Trout Photo
Pictures of trophy trout.
Trophy rainbow trout pictures.
25+ inch Large Colorado cut bow trout on a DRY FLY!!
Client, Fred Hayes with a 26 inch September Colorado trophy
rainbow trout from the
South Platte River.  
Northern Pike picture
Trophy brown trout picture.
Pete with 44 inch big northern pike photo, caught fly fishing  in
Denver area lake!!  Think twice before swimming!
Big Brown Trout picture from a small creek!!
Big rainbow trout picture fly fishing in Colorado
Big rainbow trout from the Taylor river.
Taylor River 10lb class Big Rainbow Trout photo
caught in  late June.
Jake with 30 inch monster rainbow trout!! Don't ask where. Nice
big  trout picture!
Big cutthroat trout photo from the South Platte River.
There is nothing like fly fishing for big Colorado Trout!!
Tad with a Dream Stream Monster Cutthroat
trout.  It doesn't get much better than this!!!
Fall big brown trout photo.
Perfect big fall Brown Trout picture. This big Colorado fish had
moved out of a reservoir.
Trophy rainbow trout Colorado fly fishing picture.
Colorado trout pictures.
South Platte River big trout picture
This 25 inch trophy trout was caught on the South Platte River in Colorado.
Nice picture of a rainbow trout who said you cant catch big trout in
Monster brown trout photo.
Trophy trout picture fly fishing in Colorado.
Big rainbow trout picture from Colorado's South Platte River.
Beautiful big Brook Trout photo!
Fly FIshing for big trout in Colorado.
Trophy rainbow trout fishing in Colorado.
Huge Colorado Cutthroat Trout picture fly fishing in the back country.
Brian Harris with a big rainbow trout.  Big fish picture in Colorado.
Huge rainbow trout picture fly fishing trophy trout in Colorado
Big rainbow trout fly fishing private water fly fishing guide trip in October.
Big brook trout picture.
This big brook trout picture is a beautiful Colorado fly fishing trophy
Big trout picture fly fishing for rainbow trout
18 year old Matt with a South Platte River monster trout.
Big trout pictures fly fishing Colorado
Big rainbow trout father-son double! Nice big trout picture.
Monster trout photo brom Colorado.  This big trout was caught fly fishing in Colorado.
This big fish was caught on a stonefly nymph in Colorado
Big rainbow trout photo from Colorado.
Fred Gray with a Colorado big fish photo from the Platte. Big rainbow trout.
Big brrown trout picture from Colorado. Monster brown trout.
Huge brook trout picture. Big brookie.
Brent with a monster brown caught under the guidance of a
Colorado Trout Hunters guide.  Nice big brown trout picture.
Big brook trout picture. This monster brookie was
caught in Colorado.  Nice brook trout photo.
A monster winter rainbow trout on a Colorado tailwater.
Big trout photo. Fly fishing picture of this huge trout from a Colorado tailwater
Big trout picture. This cutbow trout was caught fly fishing in Colorado
Big rainbow trout picture-fly fishing the South Platte River
Monster summer rainbow trout photo. Read trip report
Huge Colorado trout caught fly fishing a tailwater in spring-Big trout photo
Spring 2010 huge trout picture from a Colorado tailwater.
Big trout photo-The trophy trout picture was taken in Colorado on a fly fishing guide trip
South Platte monster trout  from April 2010 guided trip. Nice job Brian!
Huge Carp photo. Fly fishing pictures of big fish in Colorado.
Large Colorado Carp Picture. Caught by guide Chris Eisenhard  This big fish has
a face only a mother could love. Read more about
fly fishing for Carp.     
Male brown trout from October in South Park Colorado.
Brown trout photo from Colorado.
Colorado big trout picture. Fly fishing the South Platte.
Big brown trout caught fly fishing on the South Platte.
Big trout picture. Fly fishing the South Platte in March.
Jim K. With a South Platte River monster trout.
Huge brown trout picture fly fishing the South Platte in Colorado
Matt with a Platte River Monster trout. Amazing color on this big brown trout.
South platte monster trout
Monster Platte river rainbow. Nice job Linda!
Huge trout on a bamboo fly rod
The biggest trout we have ever seen landed on a bamboo fly rod.
Big brown trout fishing in Colorado
Amazing fall brown trout!
Very large brown trout. Caught fly fishing in Colorado.
Jim with another amazing Brown Trout again caught on a bamboo fly rod.
Check out more huge trout photos from the Dream Stream!!!
Giant trout photo. Caught on the South Platte in Colorado.
Another spring monster trout photo!!