June 6, 2006
North Fork Meadows
On the South Platte River
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Number of Anglers:
Tad Howard
Beautiful, Sunny, Mid 80's
River Condition:
Water temps in low to mid 40's  Water very high at 660 cfs.
High water, but fishing is very good.  The larger fish are eating
well with hard strikes being the norm.   Landing the lunkers in
very high water presents some interesting challenges!!  Today
our anglers were up to the task; Todd and Jerry both hooked
up consistently throughout the day.  Several very respectable
trout made their way into the net, and many more escaped just
out of reach!  A lot of nice rainbows came to hand along with a
couple beautifully colored brown trout.  The high water fly
fishing has been exceptional and anglers have been learning a
lot of new techniques to hook and land large trout in these
conditions!!  Look for the flow to dramatically decrease in the
next couple weeks.

We had a great time on the river.  I can only speak for myself,
but that was the best day of fishing I have had in my life.  We
enjoyed your patience and the opportunities for so many nice
fish, even though we may not have capitalized on as many of
them as we would have liked.  Can't say that I have ever seen
hooks bent out of a fishes mouth before, hope to have the
opportunity again here in the future.  
Thanks again!!
First fish of the Day.
Last trout of the day  Good way to end.
This was a HOT!! fighter.
A nice bend in the 5 wt fly rod.
Fly Fishing
Report June 6,
Todd with a great bow!!