First double of the morning great start!
Great afternoon double!
18 inch master angler brook trout!
22 inch beautiful cut-bow trout caught by Rowdy.
Nice rainbow trout!
Big brook trout--one of many in the 16 inch range.
Luther with another great brook trout.
May 15, 2006
Sheephorn Ranch private high mountain lakes.  
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Number of Anglers:
Tad Howard
Very nice sunny day.  Temp's in the 60's; little wind.  
Great day to be out!
Lake Condition:
Water temps around 40 degrees.  Visibility good.
Fishing was incredible!  The ice just came off this high mountain lake and
Luther and Rowdy were the first people to fish the lake this year.  Action was
steady all morning.  Fish were eating a few dry flies, some nymphs, and we
also had some good action on streamers.  Within the first 1/2 hour, Luther had
landed a Master Angler Award winning brook trout that pushed the tape at 17
3/4 inches.  Many great brook trout as well as some rainbow trout and cut-bow
trout were landed.  Rowdy, out for his second time fly-fishing ever, managed to
land a Master Angler Award winning fish as well--a brook trout that taped at an
even 18 inches.  He also landed the big fish of the day on a scud (the beautiful
22 inch thick cut-bow pictured below).  

Action late in the day far surpassed the morning.  Fish were being hooked on
almost every cast.  A great hatch came off and the fish were feeding heavily.  
The net man was busy and the fish looked to have wintered well and were in
very good condition coming into the season.  Fishing should be very good at
the ranch through the short summer and is a great spot for beginners and
experts alike.  The only drawback is that it can completely spoil the fisherman!
Thank you again for the amazing day at Sheephorn.  In a word, it was epic.  
Catching over 100 fish, several of which qualified for Master Angler status, and
loosing track of how many doubles Rowdy and I had will not soon be forgotten.  
It's too bad that you didn't spend some time with a line in the water; we
undoubtedly would have had nearly as many triples.

I am also thrilled that you took the time to explain to Rowdy and I how to fish a
midge hatch, like the one we encountered at Sheephorn, in the future.  I
continue to maintain that your outstanding ability to teach is one of the
greatest differentiators between you and the majority of other guides who can
put their clients on big fish.

I look forward to fishing with you again soon,
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