More trip reports.
The day begins.
Parker with a nice fish on his first cast!
Pretty rainbow trout
Will with the last and largest fish of the day great job!
May 11, 2006
Fly fishing close to Denver.  
Call 303-325-5515 for availability and bookings.
Number of Anglers:
Jim Wright, Chris Eisenhard, Tad Howard
Beautiful weather; sunny upper 60's to low 70's.
River Condition:
Water temps in upper 30's into lower 40's mid day.  Water is
HIGH 420 cfs but clear.
The North Fork of the South Platte River is running a lot of
water volume, but the fish were still there and willing to grab
almost any fly that floated past.  This corporate excursion was
fun for everyone involved.  I had the privilege of fishing with
several members of the group through the day and everyone
was hooking and catching fish in the high water.  Parker Briley
managed to catch a 17-inch rainbow trout on his first cast ever
with a fly rod and Will Flaa managed to land the biggest fish of
the day on his last cast to close the day with a great 21-inch
fat cut-bow.  Despite the high water, everyone picked up the
techniques quickly and was soon catching fish.  

Also, it is always nice to have one of Denver's most eligible
bachelors (according to the Glendale Times), Brian Harris,
along catching energetic bows all afternoon!  

An all around fun day, where the fish didn't care so much what
fly was used as the proper presentation.  
You and your team did a fantastic job. I will be back soon! Its
the most fun I have had in a long time. Never forget it! Thanks.
Will Flaa