More 2006 Trip Reports
24.5 inch Cut-bow BIG FISH of the day!
Great looking 20 inch wild brown
Great way to end the day.
Nice brook trout.
March 30th 2006
North Fork of South Platte private fly fishing
ranch.  Call 303-325-5515 for availability and
Number of Anglers:
Tad Howard
Very nice sunny all day.  Temp's in the 60's no
wind.  Very good day to be out!
River Condition:
Water temps in upper 30's into lower 40's mid
day.  Low and clear water conditions 46 cfs.
Spring Fly Fishing!!
As you can see by the pictures fishing is red
hot!!!  The warmer weather has raised the
water temp's and the fish are on the feed.  A
stealthy approach is still necessary but the first
cast into almost every good pool and run
produced a solid strike.  

Some fish spawning in the afternoon.  We had
to take care when navigating the river not to
disturb the spawning beds and the fish that
were actively spawning.  Plenty of fish that
were not spawning were very willing to
aggressively chase our flies.  

A special thanks to Joe and Randy (a couple
great guys) for making the day one to
March 30, 2006
Colorado Trout
Hunters Trip