November 17, 2006
North Fork Ranch fly fishing close to Denver.  
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Number of Anglers:
Tad Howard
Beautiful weather; sunny, upper mid-high 40's.
River Condition:
Water temps in upper 30's by mid day.  Water is low and slightly off
color; some ice on the river.
Fishing is best in the afternoon during the warmest part of the day.  
Fishing started good, and got much better as the day progressed.  
After removing some ice from a deep run, the fishing got HOT!!  The
first trout that came to the net was a beautiful 21-inch heavy-bodied
brown trout.  What a fish for the first time fly fishing!  All three anglers
started to catch fish regularly, including some fun double hookups and
managed to bring some lunkers into the net.  It was a fun afternoon
with a great group of guys, and everyone hooked plenty of trout!

Stan managed to close out the day in great form by hooking a monster
24-inch cut-bow.  After several strong runs and some tense moments,
we were fortunate enough to bring the monster into the net.

As we admired and released the big trout and decided to call it a day, I
was reminded how much fun and how good winter fly fishing can be!

Fishing should be good through the winter on the North Fork of the
South Platte River, provided water flows are good.  Come give this
great winter fishery a try!
November 17, 2006 Colorado
Fly Fishing Report
Winter Fly Fishing on the South Platte River
1st trout with a fly rod. Great brown trout on the Platte River!!
Stan with the last fish of the day!
Beautiful winter cut-bow trout.
Great color on this male brown trout.
Stan with another whopper.
Great winter trout from the North Fork Ranch.
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