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September 6, 2006
North Fork Guest Ranch on the South Platte River.
Fly fishing close to Denver.  
Call 303-325-5515 for availability and bookings.
Number of Anglers:
Tad Howard
Beautiful weather; sunny mid 70's
River Condition:
Water temps mid 50's in the morning to 60 in the afternoon.  Water
flow at 78 cfs.  Good visibility.
The day started out great.  Lower water has exposed many big fish
that were previously undetected under this summer's high flows.  
The action began as soon as we stepped in the river.  Within the first
20 minutes we had several good hookups, and broke a fly rod on a
very nice fish, we eventually landed.  After grabbing a back-up rod
the day progressed magically.  

Almost every good pool and riffle produced savage strikes, and Joe
did a great job of bringing many big boys to the net.  Dry flies with
droppers, as well as nymph rigs, produced consistently.  After the
tasty North Fork Ranch lunch, the action really heated up.  The first
run we fished produced 3 hookups with fish over 5 pounds as well as
a couple of smaller fish.  Soon after, the biggest 2 bows of the day
came to hand.  Both the fish were exceptional trout specimens, with
great color and large girths.  

Countless more trout came to hand throughout the afternoon.  
Mostly rainbow trout with a few cut-bows, and even a couple pretty
brown trout found their way into the net.

Fishing should be very good on the North Fork as well as at most of
our fly fishing locations as we progress into the fall.  September and
October usually provide us with some outstanding fly fishing (and
great dry fly action) so come give fall fly fishing in Colorado a try!

Fantastic trip!!!
The pics are A+++!!
I really want to thank you for a trip of a lifetime! This was a fantastic
experience and though I realize these kind of days are rare,  I hope
to give it a go with your assistance in the future.
Thanks again and keep in touch!
-Joe C.
The big fish of the day: 23 3/4 inch monster
Fish responsible for a broken rod. Nice male bow.
The day of the rainbow trout.
Another big trout.
Great underwater trout release picture.
Trip Report for The
North Fork Ranch
September 6, 2006