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Trip Report March
18, 2006
March 18, 2006
Longmeadow Ranch.  Call 303-325-5515 for
availability and bookings.
Number of Anglers:
Tad Howard
Cool and sunny in morning upper 30's; warmed by mid
day to become overcast.  
River Condition:
Water temps in upper 30's.  Low and clear water
conditions 46 cfs.
With the water low and clear, the fish are podded up in
the deeper holes and under cover.  Although Greg
hooked a fish on the second cast of the morning
fishing was slow until about 10:30 when the water
warmed a bit.  Then it was game on!!  Site fishing was
the order of the day.  Spotting big fish in their holding
runs, sneaking into position for a perfect cast, and
hoping a smaller 16-17 inch fish didn't get the fly first,
possibly spooking the bigger trout.  Although Mark and
Greg caught some brown trout, and a brook trout, the
big fish were rainbows, and a couple big cut-bows.  
The big fish were not easy pushovers, but would eat
well presented flies drifting naturally in their holding
lane.  Talk about a rush when you see a 5+ pounder
open his mouth!  

As the season progresses, the fishing should only
improve.  With a good snowpack there should be
plenty of water for a great season!
Nice South Platte Trout
What a day!
That's what we came for!!
Nice average bow.