Colorado fly
fishing with author
Kirk Deeter
Kirk Deeter:

Fly Fishing Guide and Renowned Fly Fishing Author

It is a privilege for any angler to spend a day fly fishing with Kirk, for
Colorado's famous trout.  An accomplished fresh and salt water fly
fisherman, Kirk circles the globe in search of exceptional fishing and
his next story.  Did I mention that Kirk is a well known fly fishing
author?  His books include the artistic masterpieces
Castworks and
Tidelines.  Kirk Deeter is also editor of the fly fishing industry trade
publication, and his articles regularly appear in "
Wild on the Fly", "Fly
, and most notably, "Field and Stream".  Spending a day
with Kirk, an angler can expect more than just expert guidance on the
stream.  Kirk’s easygoing personality, entertaining stories of fishing far
away places, and carousing with fly fishing legends keep clients
entertained for hours.

A resident of Pine, Colorado, Kirk finds himself in the middle of some of
the west's truly great fly fishing.  The
North Fork of the South Platte is
just a short drive from Kirk's front door.  The countless hours Kirk has
spent on this stretch of river make him one of the best guides possible
to give any angler an experience that they will not soon forget!  
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