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Colorado Trout
Fly Fishing the Frying Pan River
More Colorado Fly Fishing
When you ask many Colorado anglers what their favorite river is, you very often hear
"The Pan".  The Frying Pan is best known for its tailwater section below Reudi
Reservoir that is truly spectacular until its confluence with the Roaring Fork.  This piece
of water is the total package.  It has lots of fish, some monster fish, great bug life,
riffles, runs, slow pools, and pocket water.  This diversity is what makes the Frying Pan
so special.  If you want to throw Mysis Shrimp in the Toilet Bowl (outlet from reservoir)
and have the possibility of hooking a 10 pounder, you can.  It you want to throw a hand
crafted #26 BWO on 7x tippit to a riser that has refused everything in your box, you
can.  If you want to fish private water for a rod fee, you can.  There are a lot of fishing
options on this river.  Give the Pan a try and see why it is such a great fishing
Roaring Fork River
Colorado whitefish picture from the roaring fork.
Gunnison River
The Gunnison River begins at the confluence of the East and Taylor Rivers.  
This is truly a great fishery.  It offers miles and miles of water holding countless
thousands of trout.  Most famous for the Black Canyon and its legendary
salmon fly hatch where huge bows can be caught on huge dry flies the size of
your finger.  This fishery is cherished by those who know it, and needs to be
protected for future generations to enjoy.
Have fun exploring this gem of the west!!
Big brown trout fly fishing on the Taylor River in Colorado.
Taylor River
This tributary of the Gunnison River is well known for its monster trout.  The fish that
live in the rich tailwater below Taylor Reservoir grow massive on a rich diet of mysis
shrimp. Public access below the dam allows anglers a chance to catch 10+ pound fish
on any given day.  These monster fish are no pushovers and sometimes can be seen
moving out of a feeding lane as your flies approach, only to return the second your
flies have passed.  Several other public access points also have good fishing and the
private access is great as well.  Make sure you have some Mysis shrimp, some midges,
and a variety of other small nymphs, as these fish ofter feed on very small insects.

Check out the Taylor above Taylor Reservoir for some exceptional small stream
fishing.  The East River also provides some great angling opportunities close by.
Rainbow trout from the Yampa river below stagecoach reservoir fly fishing in Colorado.
Yampa River
When people think of Steamboat, they picture world class skiing -
there is also great fishing in town!!  The Yampa is a fun fishery with
lots of trout and in some sections, small-mouth bass and northern
pike also inhabit the river.  The small tailwater below Stagecoach
Reservoir is one of the most popular places to fish where brightly
colored rainbows are the norm.  Wherever you get to fish on this
world class river, it is well worth the trip.
Big colorado trout.
A gem of the west, this river has its origins in the mountains above Aspen.  As
it grows in size, there are several large tributaries - most notably the Frying
Pan.  Most of the tributaries, if large enough, hold trout.  The fork can be
floated or fished from shore.  It has great populations of brown and rainbow
trout with a good number of whitefish mixed in to keep anglers guessing.  This
fishery is normally good year round, with toughest conditions occurring during
runoff.   If you fish this river you will see some strong, healthy, hard-fighting