Chris Eisenhard

Professional Fly Fishing Guide:

Chris is at the top of the list when it comes to standout guides
in Colorado.  He has been in the fishing industry since he was
10-years-old.  "I ran a bait shop out of my family's barn in
western New York when I was growing up.  I sold
night-crawlers, minnows, and crayfish to local bass
fishermen."  This is when Chris learned that the fishing
industry is not all fun and games.  "I remember crawling
around the lawn at 3 am trying to find enough worms to supply
the next morning's rush of fishermen."  Chris now uses flies
instead of worms, but his work ethic has not changed a bit.  "I
pride myself in making sure that my clients will have a great
day on the river, whatever it takes".

Growing up in western New York and graduating from the
University of New Hampshire, Chris was able to spend a lot of
time fly fishing the east coast, but finds none of it comparable
to Colorado. "The diversity of fishing back there is impressive.
There is everything from huge salmon in the Great Lakes to
stripers on the Atlantic coast, but it does not even come close
to comparing with what Colorado has to offer."

Chris can usually be found on one of the many trout streams
in Colorado.  He specializes in the many private ranches of
the North Fork of the South Platte River just outside of
Denver.  In the fall Chris makes an annual trip back to his
home waters of western New York State to chase after the
monster salmon, steelhead, and brown trout in the Lake
Ontario tributaries.    


"THANK YOU for the terrific fishing trip last weekend!  I had an
incredible time with you guiding me.  The 23" rainbow and the
22" cutthroat unbelievable!!  Peter and I agree that the trip
was world class and for me a once in a lifetime experience!  
Except now I want more!  I already gave your name out as a
referral.  Keep me in mind for future trips when the fishing is
great.  Again thanks so much for a memorable fishing

Rod: G.  Loomis GLX 9 foot 5 weight

Reel: Ross Evolution

Favorite Fly: Barr Emerger, gun-metal spkl RS2, and Egg

Favorite Place to Fish in Colorado: Longmeadow Ranch,
North Fork of South Platte

Favorite Place to Fish in the World: Sandy Creek, Lake
Ontario Tributary

Quote: "We're going to need a bigger net!!"
Chris uses Equiptment
from the Following