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Blaine Haskell:
Professional Fly Fishing Guide
Blaine turned his attention from the corporate world to the fly-
fishing world several years ago.  After successfully completing
the fly-fishing guide school taught up in the Vail Valley, Blaine
set forth in a new career as a fly fishing guide.  By combining
his newly acquired sheepskin with those of vastly contrasting
disciplines that include Electronics Engineering and Computer
Science obtained earlier from a well known western university,
he felt ready to go forth as a guide.  These past several years
have been very fulfilling for Blaine .  He has made a lot of new
friends, fished in unimaginable places, and yet has furthered
his love for the sport.

Growing up on an Idaho ranch with a live trout stream got
Blaine ’s attention turned to trout fishing at a very early age,
and he caught his first fish before he started elementary
school.  He converted to fly fishing at age 15.  After years of
fishing the region, which included the Big and Little Wood
Rivers and the world famous Silver Creek, he now has a firm
commitment to the use of flies.  In the 40 or so years since his
first fly fishing trip Blaine has picked up a few more tidbits on fly
fishing, and he is eager to share what ever might be useful to
his clients.

Big fish are always fun to catch, but Blaine gets a real big kick
out of fooling even the smallest brookie that can be found
making a living in one of Colorado ’s beautiful small streams.  
Catching a fish in 2 inches of water is a real challenge.

Fly Rods: "There are so many great rods available today.  The
manufacturers have solved many of the problems I faced growing up
while fishing with a willow cut from along the bank with a string tied to the
tip.  The Sage XP 9 foot 5 weight is my favorite for strong conditions such
as high wind, high water, and big fish.  The Sage TXL 7’ 10” 0 weight is
my favorite for fishing delicate conditions often found in the really small
crystal clear streams in our high mountain valleys."

Reel:  "Ross reels play a big part in all of mys fishing activities with the
Canyon Big Game being my favorite for Saltwater Flats Fishing for the
elusive Bonefish.  The drag systems are always reliable for handling the
big fish ‘just right’. "

Waders: "Simms products keep me dry and are very durable.  I subject
then to crawling up rocky slopes, under fences, and trees.  Then I stand
in the freezing water and am really happy when they still work properly. "

Flies: "Being a high tech kind of guy from a low tech part of the world I like
to experiment with the new synthetic materials to develop flies with
increased durability, better floating characteristics, simplified tying
requirements, and improved effectiveness.  Some of my experiments
have flunked, but like Edison I now know a few hundred ways that don’t

I had a great time and would love to go again some time in the streams.
You were a great guide and had tons of knowledge about fly fishing. I
learned a lot about stuff I didn't know. Thanks for helping me out with the
casting it has been a long time since I have been fly fishing. Thanks
-Brandon M.

What an idiot. Why have I wasted my time by not going with you earlier? I
have been fly fishing for more years than I care to divulge and I learned
more in just one day with you on the water than in all those years.  
Thanks for a great day, not only of fishing, but of catching… I will be
coming back to Colorado and you are on my list to go with again. I will
call the shop early to be sure we can go together.  
-Dave P.

Brandon and I went out with Blaine last Tuesday. I believe the official
count was around 200 trout for each of us with the big fish being around
22". We caught many fish that were 18"-19". This was a great trip and
well worth the money. Blaine was also a great guide and a very nice
Thanks for the opportunity, -
Ryan Croxton

I am excited to see the pic's of big rainbow i caught last week with the
pirate boys.  Man, i had an unbelievable time and have found a hobby
other than wacking around a ball with a bat!  i am having day dreams
about seeing fish...i see imaginary trout in the whirlpools at the stadium
and the other day woke myself up from a sleep because i set the hook
with the TV remote!  I love it and have told the story a thousand times

Last Thursday, Blaine took me into the Rocky Mountain National Park for
a day of great fishing.  I wanted you to know that it was a wonderful day
and I was very impressed with him.  He was very knowledgeable and
gave me a day of fishing and comradeship I will always remember.  He
has the kind of demeanor that makes a great fishing companion and
before the day was over, I felt like he was more a fishing buddy than a
-Larry N.
Blaine and a happy client fly fishing in Colorado
October trout caught on a guide trip by a happy client.
One of Blaine's happy clients with her first trout ever!!
Big trout caught fly fishing in Colorado by one
of Blaine's many repeat clients.
Blaine setting up one of his famous lunches.