Private Fly Fishing
on Tarryall Creek
June 30, 2007
Date:  June 30, 2007
Private water on Tarryall Creek
Number of Anglers:  2
Guide:  Tad Howard
Very nice; sunny, with temps in the 70's-80's.
River Condition:
Water temps in 50's by mid-day.  Water is running about 140 cfs
and there is moderate-good visibility.
Tarryall Creek is fishing very well.  The trout look very healthy and
most of the fish were 7-14 inches.  Jon hooked one whopper that
was 20+ inches that got away after bending out the hook.

Mark and Jon did great, especially considering it was their first fly
fishing trip.  The trout ate a variety of flies including some good dry
fly action. The fishing should be excellent here for the next few

There are a lot of mosquito's this season, so make sure to bring
extra bug spray.

Lots of fun and beautiful trout await on this incredible private
stream.  Please give us a call at 303-325-5515 for availability and
trip bookings.

Thanks for the great time.  The couple of days in the mountains
was exactly what Jon and I had hoped for and your patience and
expertise were just what a couple of beginners needed.  We
caught a ton of fish but of course the big one got away so we'll be
telling that story until we make it back to try for him again (it's up to
25 pounds now!).  I can't wait to try my new-learned skills on a local
stream to see if what you taught me has worn off yet.  
Thanks again for a great time.
Beautiful brown trout caught fly fishing on Tarryall Creek.
Hooked up with a nice bow on Tarryall Creek.
Bonus Northern Pike, probably an escapee from Tarryall Reservoir.
Fat healthy rainbow trout.  Private small stream fishing.
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