April 14, 2008
Colorado Trout Hunters
Colorado Fly Fishing
Trip Report
April 14, 2008
Longmeadow Ranch private fly fishing on the Platte.  
Call 303-325-5515 for availability and bookings.
Number of Anglers:
Tad Howard -- Karl Jaeger
Very cold in AM; warming through the day.
River Condition:
Water temps in upper 30's.  Low and clear water conditions; 35 cfs.
The South Platte has been fishing very well this spring with many spots
to fly fish near Denver.  Nymph fishing has still been the most
productive, but we have had some very good streamer fishing, as well as
dry fly fishing with midge's and BWO's.

As the warmer weather moves into Colorado, expect stream flows to
increase and the fly fishing to get even better as the water warms.  The
rainbows have started to spawn heavily so be very careful when wading
not to disturb the nests.

Some of our smaller streams are starting to clear of ice, and the fishing
is getting better on the smaller waters each day.

Testimonial and Trip Summary from Mark J. Pictured on the left
with his monster trout
I just wanted to say thanks for an awesome day of Colorado spring fly
fishing or should I say winter fly fishing. It may have been April 12, 2008,
that we hit the river, but it sure as hell felt more like January 12. I didn't
believe you when you said we would have to break ice off the river for
the first part of the morning, but once I saw the river, I knew just what
you were talking about. The chilly temperatures from the night before
combined with the relatively low flow of the South Platte River for this
time of the year resulted in about a half inch thick layer of ice covering
the prime fishing spots.

After stomping the ice apart for about an hour it was time to get a great
day of fishing started. The first spot you put us in was thick with fish.
After each of us had caught 2-3 " 20+ inch" fish, you spotted a monster
that would be a challenge to hook and an even greater challenge to
successfully catch. After positioning ourselves strategically, we were
able to hook the monster rainbow relatively quickly, but the fight was
amazing. The fish was so strong, and it put up one hell of a fight. Just as
I thought the fish was tiring out a bit, he took a sharp turn and the fly
loosened from his mouth. The monster had escaped before we got a
good look at it...........or so we all thought.

After we all hooked up with several more large trout, I was determined to
get the monster that had eluded me the first time. I found the big boy
hunkered down in a similar pool as the first time and after one drift, the
fight was on again. This time, I was able to land the fish successfully.
This rainbow turned out to be in the 6-7 pound class, and a trophy catch
indeed. At this point we had all hooked up with about a half a dozen fish
and not bad way to get the morning started considering it started with ice

The afternoon fishing picked up right where we left off the morning. You
put us on some spots stacked 20 deep with nice trophy Colorado trout.
In one particular spot we had a true double hook up that was extremely
spontaneous. My dad hooked into a beauty that jumped straight out of
the water, just seconds later, I hooked up with a beauty. Nothing beats a
true double with huge rainbows. It was a blast.

By the days end, all three of us had landed roughly 20 + fish EACH!!
The day started out cold, but with fishing this hot, the cold of the day is
the farthest thing from my memories.

Thanks Tad for a great trip, and I can't wait to hit the river with you again
in the fall.

-Mark J.
Big South Platte trout caught on a fly fishing trip near Denver.
Nice double!
Another big spring rainbow trout from Colorado.
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