Private High Lake
Fly Fishing in Park
County Colorado
Private High Mountain Colorado Lakes:

This series of high mountain lakes is located about an hour and a
half from Denver.  It is nestled in the Rocky Mountains under the
snowcaps of the Continental Divide.  This amazing backdrop
provides incredible mountain scenery for your Colorado fly fishing
guide trip.  

Along with the amazing scenery there are several lakes (7 acres,
3.5 acres, and several smaller lakes).  They are all full of
beautiful brook trout from 5-15 inches and rainbow trout from
12-22 inches with beautiful fish being the norm.

A small creek (full of brook trout) also runs through the property.  
Anglers fishing here should be sure to bring a camera for the fish
and the scenery.

A great guide trip option for a trip in late May and June is during
the runoff season in Colorado -- this lake will fish well through the
summer and into October.

This location is perfect for anglers wanting a truly beautiful setting
to fish, or for trout bums looking for beautiful brook trout, bows,
and solitude.

Please call 303-325-5515 for trip availability.  One of our guides
would be happy to show you these gems of Colorado.
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Breathtaking Colorado
Ice-off at the big lake; hungry trout cruise the banks.
This spring brook trout has beautiful color and a big appetite to match.
One of the few but beautiful brown trout that inhabit the lakes.
Morning on one of the Colorado High Mountain Lakes.
Nice rainbow trout from this private high mountain lake.
Hooked up guided fly fishing on lakes in Colorado.
Tying on a fly at one of the lower lakes on the 4th of July.  A great day to be fishing to fishing trout.
from this location!