Sylvan Dale Ranch
Private fly fishing on The
Big Thompson and
Trophy Lakes
Big Thompson Fly Fishing at Sylvan Dale Ranch:
Sylvan Dale Ranch offers an amazingly diverse fishery.  Anglers that spend a day fly
fishing here have the option to fish wild rainbows and brown trout on two beautiful
sections of The Big Thompson River.  Anglers can also try their stillwater skills on a
variety of ponds and lakes.  Most of the lakes have trout--with some real monsters
possible (both shore fishing and belly boats are effective)!  There are also some
warm-water bass ponds where anglers can take a break from trout and try to catch a bass
or two on fly.

One of the nicest features of Sylvan Dale is the variety, but if an angler prefers to spend
the whole day stream fishing or lake fishing, that is always possible.

When fishing Sylvan Dale, it is especially important that all anglers take great care to
avoid playing fish too long and release these Colorado treasures as quickly as possible to
ensure good fish health and reproduction.  Future fishermen can then enjoy this
wonderful resource.  We fish all barbless hooks to help ensure the safe return of these
fish to their environment.

Lodging for fishermen or folks looking for a dude ranch experience can be booked directly
through Sylvan Dale Ranch.

Please contact us at 303-325-5515 for current access fee information as well as fishing