Chris Smith
Colorado Fly
Fishing Guide

Chris Smith

My grandfather started me fishing as soon as I could
grip a rod.  Growing up in the Gulf of Mexico I spent my
younger life chasing redfish, speckled trout, flounder
and harassing the neighborhood golf course Bass
ponds.  I have been guiding for the past 8 years all over
the front range while focusing on chasing various
species of trout around Rocky Mountain National Park
and the Upper Colorado River Valley.  

If I am not fishing myself you will typically find me
backcountry skiing all over the front range, hunting or
finding the best excuse to make a handful of trips back
to the saltwater annually to chase a variety of fish that I
grew up fishing for.  

Chasing big fish is always a day well spent, while what I
find second to none is a day spent on a small creek
throwing dry flies to trout gorging themselves on
whatever hatch happens to be coming off.  The pleasure
of sharing that experience with an eager angler is
beyond rewarding in my opinion.  Over the years, it has
become a passion of mine to take anglers of all skill
levels and putting as many fish as possible to the bag
and helping them find ways to improve their approach to
this great hobby that we all love.  

I look forward to taking you our for a great day whatever
your goals are for your day of fishing.

Many thanks Austin. Great time and definitely look
forward to doing it again sometime.
-Nathan S.

Nickie and I had the best time with Austin fly fishing
yesterday! Thank you again for your patience and for
teaching us what to do.  You were a great guide!

Just a note of thanks for Austin's guiding on Friday.  He
is wise way beyond his years and I had a fantastic time.
I'll be sure to call you again and request Austin as my
guide.  Best of luck to you and Austin.
Hooked UP!!!!!!!!!1