August, 2011
Colorado Trout Hunters
Fly Fishing Lesson
August, 2011
South Platte River public water
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Number of Anglers:
Tad Howard
Very nice.
River Condition:
Moderate flows
Today was a great instructional fly fishing trip. Kylie had not previously
caught a trout with a fly rod, so we took the morning to teach her how to
fly fish. We started out the day with some brief instruction. Wham! On
drift #3, a fish  was on and just as quickly off the hook. But a couple
casts later the first fish of the day was in the net!  Kylie did a great job
picking up the essential fly fishing techniques and after several hours
on the river, she was making drifts as well as seasoned fly fishers.

Through the day we worked on casting, reading water, identifying
insects, positioning of the body, and most importantly, we practiced  
how to get a good dead drift with the flies.  In almost every spot we tried
we found fish, and typically the first cast was the best chance at
catching them in any given spot.

Through the morning most fish were caught on the deeper seams and
in the bigger pools. Basic nymph patterns were very effective, including
prince nymphs and small soft hackles.

Introducing kids to the outdoors through fly fishing is a great way to
spend time with your children and give them an experience they will
never forget. It may also give them a lifelong hobby.  Proper instruction
from the beginning can greatly help the learning curve. It is usually
easier to form good habits than to break the bad ones!

In Trout News:
Fishing has improved in the last couple weeks. Flows have come down,
and although there is some fluctuation most of our waters are fishing
well.  It is starting to get cool at night in the high country, but warm
during the days (bring sun screen!). Hard afternoon storms in July have
kept water levels optimal, and stream temps are great for August!  
Expect a lot of good late summer and fall fishing. The fish in many
areas did not see the July angling pressure of some years due to high
stream flows, and fish generally look very healthy this season.

Thanks again for such a great day with Kylie!!!! She loved her day with
you and I am so grateful to you for helping her! Thanks for letting her
taste success and get a itch to want to learn more! Kylie was so happy
we went when we did!
Trout jumping in fight.
Kids fly fishing in Colorado
Fly fishing lessons for kids in Colorado
Hooked up with another rainbow trout
Fly fishing lessons for kids in Colorado
Kylie, hooked up with a JUMPER on the South Platte!
Perfect end to the day. Nice rainbow trout!
Finding the right spot.
Hooked up with another jumper!