June 11, 2011
Colorado Trout Hunters
Fly Fishing Trip Report
June 11, 2011
High Mountain Lakes (Private)
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Number of Anglers:
Tad Howard
Very nice.
Lake Condition:
Gin Clear
Today was a great family fly fishing trip. Juan introduced his sons Alex
and Adam to the adventures of fly fishing. What a first day it was!   
Spring is coming late this year to the high country, and today was just
about the first time anyone was able to fish this set of lakes. The
weather was beautiful, and the fish were eager after the long winter at
10,000 feet.

After some rigging and a quick casting lesson everyone was into fish
right away.  We caught some nice rainbows, cutthroats, and brown
trout, as well as dozens of eager brook trout.

The fish were feeding in the shallows and were very aggressive.  Some
would take a dry fly, while many more would take subsurface patterns.

In the afternoon, we witnessed something rather unusual!  As we
caught a large brook trout and I noticed he was "losing his lunch", we
took the opportunity to see what types of insects he had been eating.  
There were tons of scuds (no surprise there) but there were also two
surprisingly large freshwater snails.  I was not aware snails even existed
as a food source in these lakes.  This was definitely a very cool
teaching moment for me and the clients.  Who knows--I might have a
snail fly in my box for later in the season!

In Trout News:
There is a lot of water in Colorado this season. With most West Slope
waters high and  unable to be fished. We have been lucky on the front
range.  There are some streams with very high water, but there are
also some tailwaters in our area that have been low, clear and fishing
great!  Some of the private areas have been fishing surprisingly well,
even with high water. Besides the lakes, there are still good stream
options not to be overlooked.  Look for water to peak and start clearing
and coming down on the front range in the next 7-10 days.

"Tad took care of everything, especially for my first time fly fishermen.
By not worrying about a thing, I had the greatest father/sons bonding
time that I could ever ask for. Thank you Tad for making it a great
experience. We caught a ton of fish and memories."