April 17, 2010
Colorado Trout Hunters
Fly Fishing Trip Report
April 17, 2010
South Platte River Private Water
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Number of Anglers:
Tad Howard
Cloudy in AM; clearing in afternoon.
River Condition:
Water on the South Platte has risen and looks great! Slightly off
color in the morning but clear in afternoon. Flow: 140 CFS.
A memorable day of fly fishing with Marshall, editor of
www.fly-fishing-colorado.com and his fishing partner Joan McCord.

The fish were cooperative from the start.  The water had risen the
day before, making it slightly off-color in the morning and allowing us
to get away with large flies, mainly nymphs, and heavy tippets. Most
of the strikes were anything but subtle! We were into fish the whole
time and caught all 4 species of trout (pictured here): including
rainbows, browns, cut-bows and cutthroat trout.  The fish made it
through the winter in great shape and have been cooperative.

Multiple fish were hooked in just about every area we attempted.
Usually the strikes would come quickly, as their had not been much
fishing pressure and the trout were very aggressive.

The highlight was a pair of beautiful big brown trout with great color
and football shape proportions.

In trout news:
The weather has been cooperative now for some time.  The fishing
has been very good to exceptional, especially on the private waters.  
We have had some great trips on the public water, but it has been a
bit more challenging some days (although still lots of fun!).  All the
fishing should continue to improve, prior to the start of runoff.
Tad demonstrated his attentiveness to his clients with excellent
casting position placement and instructions. His river knowledge and
a great selection of flies helped to make my day one of the best
days on stream ever. I have never caught so many big fish in one
day. My 17 inch and 19 inch browns were the biggest I have ever

Best of all was catching a grand slam of the stream species.
Rainbow, brown, cutbow, cutthroat for me. My friend Joan also
caught a grand slam and had one of her best days too.

Thanks Tad for a great time. We are looking forward to doing this
Marshall Estes
Marshall with the big brown of the day.
Beautiful colors on this rainbow trout.
Fine spotted cutthroat trout from the South Platte River.