March 7, 2010
Colorado Trout Hunters
Fly Fishing Trip Report
March 07, 2010
South Platte River
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Number of Anglers:
Chris Galvin
Sunny; temps in the 50s
River Condition:
Clear water; great winter flow!

Carp Fly Fishing

The day started off with freezing fog, that fortunately burned off to
reveal the warming sun.  We fished mid day, taking advantage of the
best light conditions.  The carp became more active as the water
warmed, and hook-ups became a regular occurrence.  There was
even a double!

Each angler was able to bring a few to the net, but even more
managed to escape!  Two carp were hooked that were in the 20+lb
class (one mirror, one common), but their giant tails waved a big
“good-bye” to us.  John did manage to land a nice 15lb carp.

Carp angling on the fly is one of the fastest growing parts of the
sport of fly fishing, and the season has just begun.  Come find out
what all the buzz is about!

In trout news: The warmer weather is starting to make some nice
fish start moving.  Even though there are a lot of frozen areas, there
is more and more open water showing.  There should be lots of
great fishing over the next few weeks.  A handful of large fish have
started moving out the reservoirs and more should follow as things
keep warming up.
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Chris: We had a great time! – as soon as John is done travelling for
the next month or so, we want to go again – maybe try more sight

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Carp photo