April 27, 2009
Colorado Trout Hunters
Colorado Spring
Fly Fishing Trip Report
2009 Fishing reports
April 27, 2009
Tarryall Creek private water fishing trip
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Number of Anglers:
Tad Howard
Mostly cloudy temps in the 50's and 60's.
River Condition:
Water temps in the mid 40's.  Good visibility
Spring Fly Fishing

With great reservoir levels and a very respectable snowpack,
Colorado looks like it is in great shape for the 2009 fly fishing
season.  There has been some minor localized runoff with many
waterways starting to increase in flow.  

The spring fly fishing was very good on Tarryall Creek.   Larry and
George started the day out in style, with Larry catching the beautiful
bow (pictured right) on his 3rd cast of the day.  What a way to start
the day! Through the entire trip, the trout of Tarryall were
cooperative and a good mix of rainbows and browns came to the
net. We lost count well before lunch.

George managed to catch some nice fish on dry flies including some
very fun strikes from fish we spotted first.  Most of the fish were
caught subsurface on a variety on nymphs.

The fish seemed to have wintered very well on Tarryall Creek with
most of the trout caught fighting well and looking healthy.

If you are thinking about a Colorado fly fishing adventure this year
please give us a call we are happy to hook you up.

George and I had a great time your professionalism and dedication
to our success was beyond compare. I have had several great
guides but you are the best!

-L. Whittet
This big rainbow trout was the first fish of the day. Nice job Larry!
Fly fishing deep runs is a productive spring technique.
This bow was fooled by a large dry fly.
George with a nice dry fly rainbow trout.