June 27, 2009
Colorado Trout Hunters
Fly Fishing Trip Report
June 27, 2009
South Platte River private water fishing trip
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Number of Anglers:
Tad Howard
Sunny temps in the 70's
River Condition:
Water temps in the 50's.  Medium to good visibility
Summer fly fishing

All the rivers have peaked from runoff earlier this month.  The water
is still high but generally stable almost everywhere.  The fishing is
very good and getting even better, and the summer hatches are
now starting.  Reservoir levels are still exceptional and the late
afternoon rains are keeping lots of water in the systems.

On this day we had consistent action all day and managed to land
some beautiful trout.  Some are pictured here and some others were
a bit photo shy.  Nymph fishing was the most productive, but we did
manage to land the last fish of the day on a large dry fly.  The dry fly
fishing should improve as water levels drop and the Green Drake
mayflies get more active.

The trout seem to be exceptionally healthy this season with the
abundant water, and fishing should be very good all summer.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our fly fishing
trips or would like information on availability. 303-325-5515

Tad is a fly fishing mystic, he reads the water like normal people
read the sports page.  The only difference is experiencing the home
runs personally! Awesome, just awesome!  Thanks for the great trip;
I’m looking forward to the next adventure!
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