Colorado Trout Fishing
Report from Sheephorn
Ranch May 14, 2007
Date:  May 14, 2007
Location:  Sheephorn Ranch
Number of Anglers:  2
Guide:  Tad Howard
Very nice; sunny, with temps in the upper 60's.
River Condition:
Water temps in the mid 40's.  
Water has about 3-4 feet of visibility.
Fishing was excellent. Beautiful day, fun fishermen and cooperative
trout.  We caught fish on a variety of flies including dry flies, nymphs,
and streamers.  The trout seemed to be most active during a mid-day
midge hatch, but fed consistently through the day.  

The rivers have been good but high due to the run-off. Lake fishing
can offer a great alternative.  With several great stillwater fisheries as
well as access to many tailwaters, we should have very good fly
fishing trips available through the high water season.
Thanks again for a wonderful day catching high numbers of trophy
fish.  I didn't think I'd actually get tired of reeling them in, but I did.  
Chelle finally caught enough to be satisfied (but not enough to keep
her from wanting to fish again the next day).  You proved once again
that you can not only find great fish, but also consistently predict what
they'll eat, and successfully adjust that throughout the day.
-R. Sluga
Rowdy and Chelle with a pair of great brook trout from a
Colorado Trout Hunters trout fishing trip at Sheephorn Ranch.
Monster male brook trout photo caught just after ice off.
The fight is on with a big brook trout at Sheephorn Ranch.
Great spring brook trout photo.
Colorful cutthroat trout from the upper lake at Sheephorn Ranch.  This trout ate a streamer.
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